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Having fun in the sun

This is the way we ended off the day today. Having some fun in the sun. Well, semi-sun. Little bit overcast with the wind blowing, but this is our fun in the sun for the day. This morning at 09:00 I only got out of bed. Still a bit sick and still on the prescribed medication, but feeling a ton better!

So we started the day by doing some basic cleaning around the house. Tackling the courtyard at the back of our house and cleaning up one of the garages. Feeling great for not doing nothing. Slowly but surely we got some things done.

After some hard work, we ended the day to head out after lunch to one of the kids favorite playgrounds in our hometown. They love the old boat and so we drove all the way across town just to bring them to the playground that is the furthest away from our home. Worth it though!

What fun we had!

Can one orange soccer ball be so much fun?? Sometimes it’s the little gifts that brings the biggest smiles on the little one’s faces. Me and daddy also engaged at one point in the fun soon to learn that we are not as young anymore. We are so out of shape, but big plans for our own home gym. So blogging more on that yet to come. We need to keep up with those little munchkins :-).

Hope everyone had a fab Saturday as well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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