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So, as you can see I titled this piece Untitled”. Why you ask? Well, maybe because I have no clue as to what I want to write about…. No, seriously I have not the faintest idea. Therefor, let’s do a little experiment. Calling it “free writing”. With no preparation and no rough draft to work from, this should be interesting.

I will start by saying that to all of you out there fighting the fight as a care worker or essential service provider during the Covid-19 pandemic, I keep you in my prayers. Stay strong and have faith.

We have been locked down for almost a month now here in Namibia. So far our nation will be free to go about on Thursday. So things will get back to normal again. Or will they? Seeing on facebook posts of people saying that nothing will be the same again. We will be so much more conscious of hygiene. Maybe those that dreaded their job before all this, will now be thankful to earn an income. Maybe we will treat a person taking my garbage every week and the one that stands behind the till in a supermarket with more respect now, seeing them as so important. Or maybe nothing changes. Maybe we all just seen this as a pandemic and glad it was over and just happy to get back to their perfect lives. I would like to think that we will come out different and see the world differently.

So in this quiet time at home I could take some time and look at my family tree. Something that I wanted to look into and take on for a long time. I’ve come to learn that my mother’s father was born at the back of an ox wagon while they were emigrating from Upington, South Africa to Windhoek, Namibia with one of the Voortrekker colonies at that time. My grandfather was a hard man. They were brought up in hard times. For the first time I understand him better and why he was the way he was. Very interesting stuff.

I’m truly struggling today. No inspiration. No ideas. No opinion about nothing….. It’s so weird how our brains work. When we are swamped with coping with everyday life and trying to make time to write (for those of us being a writer), we have so many ideas and so little time. Now that time is no factor at all, I lack inspiration. My brain has shut down. Makes me think of the book we all know “The Secret”. Positive attracts positive and the other way around. So feeling bored at home and my mind being overfed with social media each and everyday, is causing an effect of more boredom, more laziness and less creativity. Just saw this week an old lady on facebook talking about how to get out of a state of depression.Such simple little things that we can do. Step 1. Doing exercise. Step 2. Getting some old fashion Vitamin D in which will mean going out in the sun. Spending some time in the sun helps fighting depression. Step 3. What color clothes you wear also helps with depression. Wearing bright colors is one of the essential keys to feeling better. The she went on to explain the effects that each color has on you. Very simple and so old school and easy, but we tend to forget these things in these complicated, educated and modern social media world we live in today. Ho odd that many videos we saw these last past weeks was bringing us back to our roots. Things that was done when we were children maybe or things we forgot as time passed in our lives and it is things that is survival based. Things that can be so helpful. What has the world come to?

I am old school. Always said that I have an old soul in a new era body. For me, the old ways and old times was better quality of life. But that is just my opinion.

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