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Gratitude (Day 1)

During this lock down I kept seeing people posting blocks on social media with regard to the lock down. I was pondering what to write about as I have more free time on my hands. Yes even with four kids at home… I still got time, but I did not want to write about (lock down – Day No 9). No offence to anyone doing that at the moment. It’s a wonderful idea, but an idea already done by many and I so do not want to be a copy cat.

Going through these past few weeks just being a blank and even writing a few days ago about “writers block”, I finally came to realize what I need to write about. “GRATITUDE”

10 Beautiful Gratitude Quotes With Images — Josie Robinson

It’s just a word right? A word that I’ve heard many times in my life. It’s like a song you hear every single day over the radio. The song is heard so many times that you don’t even realize it’s playing. One has been hypnotized by it. Then one day that same song comes on and for the first time you sit and listen to the words and not just to the tune. And then that song manifest meaning to you. Suddenly you relate to the song and connect to it on another level. But why? Now that is the question.

Thought for the day .. An attitude of gratitude #gratitude ...

I’ve decided to dig into this gratitude concept that the famous Rhonda Byrne talks about in her book The Secret. I don’t just want to know the meaning of the word. No, I want to know the true feeling. See it as a mental experiment to exercise the gratitude feeling in my own life. Why waste time on an egg challenge if you can challenge yourself to something much more meaningful.

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So today’s challenge was shifting my point of view slightly. If anyone knows me they will tell you that I like to take things slow. Ease into it. Find my own rhythm. And when comfortable with it…… start dancing with the stars.

All I did was try to be more thankful for what I have now. The couch I’m sitting on right now with a laptop in my lap and being able to write a blog on my WiFi in the comfortable space of my own home is something I am thankful for.

You too can challenge yourself right now. Think of where you are in this moment and what you have in your life now that makes it comfortable and pleasant. But try to feel it. The challenge is to feel gratitude. That feeling of contentment. You don’t want to be any where else but right where you are now. For now, forget about the past and forget about what you want in the future. Just focus on now and that feeling of being grateful.

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