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Gratitude (Day 3 & 4)

So, I skipped two days of writing, because being a teacher takes most of the day and there are only so many hours in a day. Just decided I can “mos”multitask man. “het dit jou solank gevat net om dit uit te dink”, would my husband say to me with a smile. Oh well, rather late than never hey. (Agteros kom ook in die kraal).

Now, you would ask me why am I obsessed with something like gratitude. One reason and one reason only. To receive in abundance. I need to prove this theory. To me it is still a theory until proven otherwise. As Mr Wallace D Wattles describes it, There’s an exact science to receive in this universe. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring anything on this planet. Anything I set my heart on can be manifested in my life by starting with gratitude. This is merely the beginning of the whole process. I thought to set the foundation right before attempting anyone of the other steps. And this is not a hocus-pocus kind of thinking people. This is merely science in the language of the universe. Something that some christian’s may struggle with to grasp. Because the believe of any christian is that God is the power at hand here and Mr Wattles uses that in his book too. He does not shy away from it. The debate comes in as a christian. God decides when and where and what and how. He answers all these questions for us. We DO NOT have control over any of this. We do not have control over our life, God does. That is why we must serve Him and through that we receive and no other way. Well, my feeling towards this is from another direction. I say, we manifest all that we have and will received with the choices we make if we do them with God’s help. God is the giver, but you still control your life. I believe in the saying that what you sow, you shall reap. What you put in, you shall get out. What you spend your thoughts and energy on, that is what will become part of your life.

Thoughts manifest reality. | Thoughts and feelings, Manifestation ...

If I cannot manifest gratitude in my life than how on earth can I ask for anything else from God. If I am not happy with what I have now, how will I be happy with what I want God to give me. I know this feeling, because I am always thinking ahead. Thinking of the next life goal. When I do receive it, I do not show any gratitude. Just onto the next thing again. It’s good to want to go forward, but you need to enjoy the ride to get there. You need to have peace as well. My overall and ultimate life goal was and is and always will be to always have peace. Any where and where ever I find myself in life, to have peace of mind. Be happy. But to feel grateful is that cherry on the cake. The cake is already in itself good, but that cherry is what makes it even better.

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With that cherry on top

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