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Something that I kept myself busy with

The love for art started at a young age. Early memories of where it all began was in Miss Nina’s class in kindergarten at my first and only primary school, Van Rhyn Primary School. You know, when I was growing up, the primary schools themselves had their own kindergarten classes that was part of the school. Obviously separate from the higher grades, but part and parcel with the school. As a child we didn’t have separate private owned kindergarten schools. So from kindergarten you went straight through to Grade 1, which was back then for us known in my home language which is Afrikaans as “standerd A”, “standerd B and then grade 3 nowadays was back then called “standerd 1”.

I remembered those protective coats that we had to wear when you stepped into the paint zone. No painting if that thing was not on.

This is not me in the picture, but this here in my memory was the first taste for art. Kindergarten in my mind was where all the creativity started. Today kids get a lot more time in kindergarten where as for me, it was only one year of that amazing creative time. That was all the time they took to make sure you were ready for Grade 1. From painting, to paper art, from paper art to playing in a sandpit. We had a dollhouse outside where you could play dress up. Pretending to be a policemen or a fireman or a princess. Whatever your imagination wanted you to be. We had “like most kindergartens today” a playground with swings and things to climb on. But one of the most amazing things our kindergarten had was a storage unit with lots of bicycles and scooters and road safety area. The school took it upon themselves to teach the children road safety and regulations in practice.

In my hometown we don’t see this anymore.

So, as a full time working mom, I sometimes want to… no! I mean need to escape to that world again. My Pinterest board has only some of the things I have done throughout the years. I love different things. Free hand sketching is my favorite pass time, but found out lately that wood burning is tickling my interest. Don’t get me wrong. I am NO expert at any of this. I just do this as a hobby, because I love it. It lets me escape. It allows me to be an artist in my own world for a brief moment.

And I hope to learn that to my own children as well. Do what you love. Even if it is only a hobby. Do it. Why not? If it makes you happy go and do it. No matter what it is you want to do. Go and pursue that little bit of happiness. Life is simply too short not to.

Ending off the weekend with my favorite quote from Einstein:

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